MVP Renewal for 2013

I'm really excited to announce that my MVP status in Dynamics CRM has been renewed for 2013. I'm looking forward to another year working with a fantastic bunch of CRM gurus and interacting with the community to spread as much knowledge about the product as I can.

Unable to create an entity after migration from Online to OnPremise

I recently had the issue described in this article after a migration from Dynamics CRM Online to OnPremise.

The following error was logged in the trace file, System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'sp_MS_marksystemobject', database 'mssqlsystemresource', schema 'sys'.

The resolution was (as per the article) to grant execute access to the stored procedure:

grant execute on object::sp_MS_marksystemobject to [Domain\SQLAccess Group {GUID for group}]

where Domain is the name of the AD domain in which the SQLAccess Group is contained and GUID is the id that is part of the SQL Access Group name.


Error when saving a form - reference to non-existent security role

I was attempting to save changes to the Managed Information form and received the error: object doesn't support property or method 'toLocaleString'.

After much researching (and clicking on the Download log button in the error window) I found that the problem was a reference to a security role that does not exist in the definition of the form. To resolve the problem I had to amend a row in the systemformbase table in the CRM organization database (this is of course unsupported but I couldn't find an alternative method).

I queried for records in systemformbase that reference the non-existent security role in the field, formxml. I obtained the ID of the security role from the error message log when saving the form. For each record that referenced the non-existent security role I then copied the data for the formxml field to notepad, edited out the reference to the security role and then ran a SQL update statement on systemformbase to replace the formxml (taking care to include a where statement so that only the affected form is updated).


New CRM Book published

I am delighted to announce that a new book on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, The CRM Field Guide – How to CRM like a MVP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been published. This is especially exciting for me as I wrote Chapter 8 - Service Management Best Practices.
You can buy the book at the publisher’s site for a printed copy at a discount or as an ebook or at Amazon.Com or Amazon UK for the printed book.